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I suffer from a sense of disconnection...

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A surprisingly lazy bum who is older than she (sometimes) looks and (often) acts. Likes to dabble in multiple fandoms. Interests are pretty eclectic, often is insanely specific, and can change at the drop of a hat (though they are never abandoned). Tends to love characters and/or pairings that others in the fandom seemingly hate (or apparently have no interest in) which makes the fanfic fishing all the more difficult.

Loves cracky crossovers. The idea of Blair Waldorf as the Tenth Doctor's companion and any of my (other) favorite characters meeting Donna Noble makes my face do this -> :D Thinks Raylan Givens, Danny McCoy and Michael are all related (which may or may not have something to do with sometimes mixing the actors up) and that Nikita should team up with the former two as well as go out for drinks with Teresa Lisbon and Kono Kalakaua when she's not busy making Michael cry. Also? Everyone needs to be Parker's friend.

As you can probably guess, I love my shows but tend not to take them too seriously.

the runaway bride | partners in crime | fires of pompeii | planet of the ood | the sontaren strategem | the poison sky | the doctor's daughter
the unicorn & the wasp | silence in the library | forest of the dead | midnight | turn left | the stolen earth | journey's end

the doctor/donna blog crew, by lilianvaldemyer (?)
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