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The Once Upon a Time Rec List

Or, to be honest, a mostly Belle rec list (though, oddly, the Rumple/Belle stuff is mainly from Rumple's POV). And also a plea for Jefferson/Belle and/or Hook/Belle recs if you happen to stumble across this post. Seriously, it makes me sad that no one else seems to sails those two 'ships because there's so much potential crack and angst and pretty to be had! Also, crack where David is Gold's reluctant wingman (Emma snark and horror would be a pleasant bonus) in matters concerning Belle is always welcome. (If such fic even exists.)

As it's Belle, although it's not categorized as such, fic may contain some Rumple/Belle. Also, anything labeled post-Outsider is pretty much AU now.

Everyone! Crack! Fun!
the one with all the messages

Belle, SB, AU-ish
Partial Dichotomy

Belle, SB, post-Outsider
Belle's Pieces
forgotten and reinvented

Belle, Jefferson, FTL->SB, AU
Glass Houses
When the Sun Goes Down

Belle, Jefferson, SB AU
Pieces of Mind

Belle, Jefferson, SB, post-Outsider
Once I Was Real

Belle, Rumplestiltskin, FTL (may or may not be UST-y)
Comforts of the Household Gods
Count the Stones
Sweetheart Deal
The Line of Her Collarbone, the Crown of Her Head

Rumplestiltskin, Belle, FTL AU-ish
Fish Tentacles and Other Wiggly Bits

Rumple/Belle, FTL
Dirty Laundry

Rumple/Belle, FTL -> Gold/Belle, SB
A Week is Just a Word
The Greatest Part of Me

Rumple/Belle, FTL AU
Another Time and Place

Gold/Belle, SB
A Movie Script Ending
I Remember
String Theory
Trying to do it right

Gold/Belle, SB AU-ish
When the gods come home to roost

Gold/Belle, SB AU
keep the day from ending

Hook/Belle, Rumplestiltskin, FTL AU
Guts For Glory!

David, Regina, Gold, SB
The Charming Side of Evil


Belle, Rush, Crossover (Stargate Universe)
A Balm For Hide and Heart

Rush/Belle, Crossover (Stargate Universe)
Starting Over
The Naming of Names

Belle, Rumple!Doctor, Baelfire, AU Crossover (Doctor Who)
A Drunk Madman in a Box

MacAvoy, Belle, Gold, AU Crossover (The Tournament)
Glad in Him


listed by song used

Skinny Love

My Heart Still Beats
My Oldest Friend

Comes and Goes (in Waves)
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