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You're a stand up guy Bats, don't ever let them call you a crazed loner.

I'm a bit a behind on my returning (Nikita, Mentalist, Grey's Anatomy and others) and British (Doctor Who, Torchwood) shows because of my rediscovered love for DCAU Batman. I've been doing a "Bruce Wayne, this is your life" style re-watch -- started with Batman Beyond, then worked my way through Justice League and Justice League Unlimited and am currently on Batman: TAS.

I had forgotten how heartbreaking B:TAS continuity is. Bruce and Dick seemingly never reconciling (at least that's the impression I got from BB), Tim being broken by the Joker, and Bruce's unfortunate receding hairline. Cartoons should not be making me sad!

I also gave some of the non-DCAU animated movies that I haven't seen a try. I think it's safe to say that I only like Bruce Timm's character designs. I liked Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (especially Batman being Superman's best friend, whether he likes it or not) but was occasionally distracted by Superman's look. He got off easy compared to Amanda Waller. Where did her neck go?!

Unfortunately I didn't like either of the Justice League movies. I kept on expecting The New Frontier to veer into Watchmen territory when I wasn't being horrified by Batman's character design or being sad that Jeremy Sisto made a terrible Batman. I'm still undecided on whether it's a good or bad thing Batman wasn't really in the movie much. I spent most of Crisis on Two Earths torn between thinking this could have been a really awesome JL/JLU bridge movie and puzzling over why Batman's design seemed to age him into a senior citizen. It's so wrong when I think New Frontier!Batman is too pudgy and Crisis!Batman is too geriatric to pull off JLU!Batman's awesome Omega Beam dodge.
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