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The world can't stop just because you're an accidental psycho killer

Oh Vampire Diaries, I didn't know that I had a teen drama hole in my fannish heart until I started watching you! Honestly I just watched it see what all the Klaus/Caroline fuss was about because they seemed like my kind of 'ship (doomed). Also, I was convinced that the YouTube compilations of their scenes had to be missing something because the 'ship seemed to come out of nowhere. Nope. As much as I adore them it's like the writers used a random pairing generator and decided to run with the results.

I was planning on watching seasons 3 and 4 in order, but due to technical difficulties ended up watching S4 first. My plan was to Gossip Girl my way through the series and just follow the Klaus/Caroline story but a funny thing happened and I sort of fell in love with everyone and as I worked my way backwards through the series I started watching more and more until I came to S2 and ended up watching it all and now I'm working my way forward again watching episodes in their entirety. (I do think I'm going to skip S1 because I'm fickle and love Caroline and her friendship with Elena and don't want flashbacks to Blair and Serena at their worst.)

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belle loves pancakes

The Once Upon a Time Rec List

Or, to be honest, a mostly Belle rec list (though, oddly, the Rumple/Belle stuff is mainly from Rumple's POV). And also a plea for Jefferson/Belle and/or Hook/Belle recs if you happen to stumble across this post. Seriously, it makes me sad that no one else seems to sails those two 'ships because there's so much potential crack and angst and pretty to be had! Also, crack where David is Gold's reluctant wingman (Emma snark and horror would be a pleasant bonus) in matters concerning Belle is always welcome. (If such fic even exists.)

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It's impressive that we can still provide her with a few traumatic childhood memories

So I seem to have added Once Upon a Time to my viewing schedule, sort of. I caught a marathon a week ago and while I'm still confused on whether ABC cut the episodes differently for the marathon or if I actually watched more than one episode without realizing it because it seemed to me they mashed four storylines (Storybrooke, pre-curse FTL, post-curse FTL and pre-Storybrooke Emma) all into one episode, I did fall for Belle and decided to check out more of the show for her and Mulan (who, along with Belle are my two Disney princesses, but show-wise I'm on the fence about.)

I feel that this show has filled the Gossip Girl void in my life in that I follow it for one character (Belle) and enjoy episodes more if I just skip through things that don't interest me. I'm also crossing my fingers that Rumplestiltskin/Belle does not go down the Chuck/Blair path. I adored the latter until that was all Blair's storyline focused on and I don't want Belle's character development to go down the same path. I'm hoping that what happened at the end of "The Outsider" will give me the Belle storyline I was hoping for at the beginning of the season –- Belle interacting and learning about this new world she's in with different characters.

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And for a non-spoilery, but still slightly cracky request: does fic exist which expands on Charming and Gold's search for Belle in "The Crocodile" in which the townspeople are highly unhelpful as to Belle's whereabouts but they are not at all shy about grousing about the wrongs done to them by Rumplestiltskin? And they also subtly (and not-so) imply that Charming's a moron for helping Gold.
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The Hunger Games Rec List

Hey fandom, where's the Mockingjay crackfic in which Peeta's confused, Johanna has no filters and Delly veers between cheery and squeakily angry as she deals with the two of them? Seriously, I would kill to read Peeta/Johanna/Delly friendship fic, which apparently does not exist. In the meantime, have some recs. Peeta-centric because he wormed his way into my fannish heart, and a bit Peeta/Katniss heavy as apparently fandom and I 'ship the same things for once.

Updated: 7/30/12

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Yes, frosting. The final defense of the dying.

I've been aware of The Hunger Games for a while now (and that it's not a post-apocalyptic Twilight like I first thought), but it took this fantastic Gossip Girl/Hunger Games crossover (yes, you read that right) to finally push it from my mental "to read" list to actually reading it.

I can now say that a three day, three book reading binge on a tiny Blackberry screen without going blind is entirely possible. Not going completely bonkers with the mental casting in my head? Not so much. It's not like I haven't seen stills from the movie, but my brain still fused the books with The Mentalist casting Lisbon, Jane and Bosco as Katniss, Peeta and Gale which made the series unintentionally hilarious at times. My brain also cast River Tam as Annie and Nikita's Percy as President Snow which isn't completely ridiculous, but somehow Finnick is Batman: The Brave and the Bold's version of Aquaman and Mags is Maggie Q in old age makeup. Collapse )

I finished off my binge with the movie, which wasn't bad, but I don't think it's among the great book to movie adaptations. While I loved that the movie expanded from Katniss's POV so that we could see what was going on outside the arena, Collapse )
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So many fannish feelings...

A) Doctor Who/Star Trek: TNG crossover! In comic form, sure, but crossover nonetheless!

I'll be honest, most Who crossovers take place during the Ten/Donna (or Ten post-Donna) era in my head, so part of me is a little disappointed, but I love Eleven and if the cover art is any indication it's pre-"All Good Things"... so YAY!

B) TBTP over on H5-0 better not be playing with my fannish heart. If what everyone's expecting based on the latest press release turns out to be a misdirect I may implode from rage. For a show that's Torchwood retcon in TV form (seriously, the minute an episode is over, I cannot for the life of me recall what happened) I'm getting rather emotionally invested.

C) I realized I had a build up of Mentalist episodes and since I'm trying to stretch out my episodes of Profit I decided to burn the former off in a marathon. So many things are still bugging me about the show (the team seemingly incapable of solving crimes without Jane, Jane not being jail, and the whole Cho and his informant storyline) but despite that last quibble I rather liked the lastest episode simply because I spent most of the episode in love with Lisbon's un-official investigation look. The ponytail and plaid jacket ♥ I haven't loved her hair so much since season 2. Also, James Frain! Apparently my love for Paul Raines carried through to Grey's Anatomy and now to this. (IMDb tells me I’ve also seen him on Leverage and Law & Order: CI but I don't actually remember those appearances.)

D) So I've started poking around Tumblr and have some questions: Is it all about following tags? Is there some way to actually find fandom Tumblrs that I'm not seeing? Also, are spoiler warnings non-existent over here? I was browsing through the H50 tags and wow, spoilers galore.
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I'm here to fix your faucet, so check your six.

WHY DOES THE SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND FANDOM NOT EXIST? (Or at least fic that isn't the adventures of OCs that I don't care about?)

Um, yeah, I've spent the last of 2011 and now the beginning of 2012 watching one hit wonders (or not quite "hits" since they were all canceled after a season) mainly from the 90s and have some random thoughts:

The Flash: The visual style was almost like watching a live action version of Batman: The Animated Series with some 90's flair thrown in. They even had Mark Hamill playing Flash's version of the Joker! Sadly the actual quality wasn't the same and at times the writers seemed to forget that the character was THE FLASH, not Superman.

Space: Above and Beyond: I had forgotten how much I miss this show! Shane is still all sorts of awesome, Cooper/Shane is still adorable and the ending still breaks my heart. On the plus side, I seemed to have forgotten how grating Nathan and Nathan/Kylen are at the beginning.

Moonlight: I remember thinking it was a pity this show didn't come out a bit later to capitalize on the Twilight craze. I also remember not watching this show because of the Twilight craze despite the fact that it had Sophia Myles in it. To combat my post-S:AAB depression, I thought I'd give it a whirl because Sophia is so charming on twitter and Sophia and Alex are hilarious in this interview.

I kind of loved it; it was totally my type of cheesy fun! Though, fandom, where is the Doctor Who/Moonlight crossover in which Beth is Reinette, Mick and Ten meet and proceed to try to out-emo/angst each other over how everyone they love is going to age and die while they live on and while those two compete over who is the saddest panda in the world, Eleven sneaks off with Beth/Reinette because he's fun that way?

And in not 90's TV (but still TV-related because "couch potato" seems to be the theme I'm going with this year) news, I sort of love my mailman this week. I spent NYE hopped up on cold medicine and (apparently) eBaying. Since I often have the most mundane dreams, I thought I dreamt buying Rose's Tooth & Claw shirt. Collapse )

Also in the mail this week, Series 6 of Doctor Who, new and sealed for $19 shipped! It's not my all time favorite season, but "Closing Time" and it's associated confidential (which hopefully doesn't cut the Matt Smith and James Corden show) are worth it.

Now off to continue the shows that died on Fridays on FOX 90's marathon with The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., Strange Luck, M.A.N.T.I.S., and VR5. I also have Profit and Earth 2 waiting and will probably try to track down SeaQuest DSV before it turned into 2032 and season one of Sliders. I will most likely still be in the 90's by the time 2013 rolls around.
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TV is actually trying to kill me

I've been catching up on my shows and lately I'm either madly in love with what's going on, on the verge of a rage-induced coronary, stressed about the direction the writers are going to take or some combination of the three. This can't possibly be healthy.

First the rage:

Hawaii Five-0: This show used to be something I could count on for bringing the pretty, awesome fights and the team being hilarious and sometimes hilariously incompetent. Collapse )

And on to shows that I'm less rage-y about and more in love with:

Gossip Girl: I ♥ Blair. I also 'ship Everyone/Blair so no matter how ridiculously happy the Blair/Louis/Chuck/Dan rectangle thing is making me, unless Blair chooses herself (or Serena) I will inevitably be slightly heartbroken by her choice.

Nikita: Much like Blair, I 'ship Everyone/Nikita and completely unlike Hawaii Five-0, the writers seem to have read my mind Collapse )
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You're a stand up guy Bats, don't ever let them call you a crazed loner.

I'm a bit a behind on my returning (Nikita, Mentalist, Grey's Anatomy and others) and British (Doctor Who, Torchwood) shows because of my rediscovered love for DCAU Batman. I've been doing a "Bruce Wayne, this is your life" style re-watch -- started with Batman Beyond, then worked my way through Justice League and Justice League Unlimited and am currently on Batman: TAS.

Collapse ) Cartoons should not be making me sad!

I also gave some of the non-DCAU animated movies that I haven't seen a try. I think it's safe to say that I only like Bruce Timm's character designs. I liked Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (especially Batman being Superman's best friend, whether he likes it or not) but was occasionally distracted by Superman's look. He got off easy compared to Amanda Waller. Where did her neck go?!

Unfortunately I didn't like either of the Justice League movies. I kept on expecting The New Frontier to veer into Watchmen territory when I wasn't being horrified by Batman's character design or being sad that Jeremy Sisto made a terrible Batman. I'm still undecided on whether it's a good or bad thing Batman wasn't really in the movie much. I spent most of Crisis on Two Earths torn between thinking this could have been a really awesome JL/JLU bridge movie and puzzling over why Batman's design seemed to age him into a senior citizen. It's so wrong when I think New Frontier!Batman is too pudgy and Crisis!Batman is too geriatric to pull off JLU!Batman's awesome Omega Beam dodge.